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Calories Per Day

How many calories per day do you burn?

This calorie calculator shows the approximate number of calories an adult burns each day for several different activity levels.

Calculate the Calories Per Day Adults Burn


Your height: feet


Your weight:


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Activity level:

Calculating from the above settings your body burns calories per day. This is the number of calories needed to maintain your current weight. Eating more than this will result in weight gain. Eat less and you lose weight.
If your goal is to lose weight by burning excess body fat, aim to eat 500 fewer calories per day than your daily caloric needs, and maintain or increase your daily exercise or activity level.

Do not go below 1200 calories per day unless you are on a medically supervised weight loss program or after consultation with your doctor.

Note: these calculations are based on averages. Athletes may require a higher caloric intake to maintain their current weight.

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